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Agami Visual - Who we are, and what we do

We are a young and creative team of visual artists with architectural education and broad professional experience.

Our mission is to help interior designers, architectural studios, construction companies, and real estate agencies to visualize their ideas.

We are generating premium-looking images using our high-quality renderings or artistic sketches.

Why Agami Visual?

AGAMI VISUAL provides a unique opportunity to choose the type of visualization according to personal preference, project size, time frame, and budget.

With us, you can choose from a broad spectrum of technics. We offer highly realistic 3d renderings, artistic sketches, 360 Panorama, VR, and 3d animation.

Numerous businesses have already used our visualization services to improve their project presentations, resulting in better understanding and client interactions.

Our experienced project managers coordinate every project from start to finish. They take over all the communication between the client and visual artists and guarantee the perfect and timely completion of the project.

If desired, we will be glad to help you choose the visualization technique and quantity of images.

We will also advise on the design and the most favorable price conditions. We are always available and eager to meet the needs of our clients.

As a result, you will get highly realistic images that meet your expectations and evoke incredible emotions.

For us, long-term collaboration and client satisfaction is the goal and indicator of our excellent work.

3d Renderings

3d renderings

CGI is perfect for representing your project's future interior or exterior in a remarkably photorealistic way.

This visualization technique brings the space in the images to life and creates an authentic atmosphere. CGIs are a perfect basis for a productive discussion with a client.

They also contribute to emotional involvement in the project being presented. As this technique is exact, it helps to avoid misunderstandings during the planning phase, optimizing time, resources, and budget.

Exterior 3d renderings can show the future building from various perspectives, with all details, such as materials and landscaping. We can apply numerous options to the images, such as different times of day, seasons, and weather.

Thanks to such fine adjustments, it's possible to simulate buildings' appearance in different light and weather conditions and consider the lighting and color scheme.

Interior 3d renderings are the best way to see your future interior as if it would have been already existing. We execute exceptionally realistic images using specific furniture models, textures, and materials.

Our 3d model's precision grade makes it easy to determine if all the furniture, textile, and colors work together.

3d Tours

3d Tours

An interior 3d tour is an excellent presentation and marketing tool! Such project visualization will become an exceptionally engaging and exciting experience for your clients.

Agami Visual provides you with an opportunity to interact with the interior even before the construction begins. 3D tours can significantly simplify the planning process, provide inspiration, and make it easier for your clients to understand your project.

It allows the client to walk through the designed project, enter every room, look at details, feel the space proportions and realize the atmosphere of his future interior.

Your clients will be able to perceive space dimensions, finishing, and furniture ideas much more clearly and vividly, which will lead to faster decisions on your project.

As an advertisement for the work of real estate agencies, it attracts much more attention than 2d or standard 3d images.

With a 3d tour, you achieve the effect of the presence in the designed space, which makes it an absolute highlight! It can be an excellent basis to deliver your message to the client and to provide convenience in your architectural concept.

3D tours will be valuable input to the project's presentation for the client or as a real estate advertisement.

Customers are more interested in purchasing when your properties are presented originally with a high realism level. 3D tour will help you to market your project effectively.

With this kind of visualization, future plans become meaningful and can be experienced.

3d Animations

3d animation

It is the ultimate way to enhance the project's presentation and give the impression of seeing the project come to life. You can explore the virtual reality environment and view a building from any angle. Such videos and presentations can enable the beginning of sales and marketing campaigns well in advance of the project's actual launch.

A 3d animation video displays an architectural or design project quickly and efficiently. Typically, such a video is relatively short, only about 2-4 minutes. However, a high-quality 3d animation video may easily replace hundreds of still images.

3d animation is suitable both for exteriors and interiors. We are offering:

  • Fly- or walkthrough outside of the building
  • Walkthrough inside of the building
  • 3d animation presentation video

Fly- or walkthroughs outside the building animation videos help recognize the project's architectural and design concepts. 3d animation provides the impression that the building is already built and situated in a particular environment. Additionally, it effectively shows the integration of the building within its neighborhood, landscape, and infrastructure.

Walkthrough inside of the building animation videos brings the interior to life. From the first seconds, you are already walking around the interior. It is the best way to capture the atmosphere, the color scheme, and the project's master plan. 3d animation provides a deep understanding of the project and reveals the true sense of interior space.

By request, we can execute a 3d animation presentation video for your project; it can contain elements of 3d animation and filming parts. We can provide a full scope of work, such as a script, voice-over, sound design, and final montage.

We are also experts in 360' panorama, which could be also used with VR. 360' panorama creates a strong sense of space and allows clients to see the property in technical sketches and get a realistic feel of how it will look in reality.

With Virtual reality (VR), architects, designers, and construction companies provide their services even more engagingly. VR allows creation of individual experiences for clients. With virtual reality, you can create a more immersive 3D rendering with which clients can actively explore and react. They can walk through the designed environment, which is an outstanding experience.

VR allows a better understanding of the suitability and relationship between different areas; it will enable clients to experience everything from color and texture to lighting, sound effects, and furniture.

Real Estate Portfolio

Real Estate Portfolio

A presentation and portfolio are crucial for the successful sale of a real estate object. It greatly influences the potential buyer's decision, increasing the property's revenue and profitability.

People want to see the potential and value of the purchase. As a result, a visually attractive and comprehensive presentation can dramatically increase interest in selling real estate objects.

Since selling real estate objects involves significant money, it is reasonable to prepare everything for it most efficiently and appealingly possible.

However, when it comes to selling secondary real estate, it frequently does not look good enough to attract buyers, which costs seller money and time.

We at Agami Visual have a perfect solution for you!

Our visual artists can create a set of images of your property, illustrating how the object might look after renovations, depending on your preference, either in hand-drawn artistic sketch technique or a photorealistic 3D rendering. If you don’t have any design or planning ideas, we can also help you with this and provide you with a simple but eye-catching design solution in the shortest time.

We can also offer you the print layout for the portfolio, which could be directly printed and distributed to your clients.

Architectural sketches

Architectural sketches

Sketching is a fast, artistic, and attractive way to visualize an architectural or design project.

It could be the initial step to starting a dialog with a client and showing the design's or architectural project's main idea.

It's always possible to avoid overload with unnecessary details by making the sketch more generic or selecting the highest level of detail if required.

We propose to use our sketches in different types of print production, like architectural booklets, advertising, restaurant menus, and product catalogs.

It is an excellent tool to underline the exclusivity of the project. They are also works of art in their own right.

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