Brief from client: receiving materials and scheduling

Once you place your order, we will begin working with you to develop the project brief. We will thoroughly review all the information you provide and work with you to complete the missing data and locate additional references.

We will require the following from you, depending on what you have: drawings, CAD files, PDF files, sketches, references, material examples, concepts, and so on.

We will create a visualization concept for your images, clarify the project's workflow, and establish a schedule at the end of this stage.


Draft 3d renderings, approval of the main concept, and viewpoints of the perspectives

We will create a 3d model of the visualized space. At this stage, it will be provided without textures and materials. You will have the opportunity to make changes. The model will be approved once we have completed all of your requests, and we will begin selecting viewpoints for the perspectives.

Following that, you will receive your first photorealistic images.


Preview Model

We will provide a 3d model with textures, materials, and lighting. You could also select the time of day for your images and the landscape or view from the windows.

Since it will be a nearly finished model at this stage, you can make suggestions and requests if any changes are needed. Following your modifications, we can do two rounds of revisions.


Final visualization and post-production

We will finalize the images by adding a finishing touch and bringing everything to life to achieve a photorealistic and appealing result.

After your final approval, we will deliver the images in high resolution.

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