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A presentation and portfolio are crucial for the successful sale of a real estate object. It greatly influences the potential buyer's decision, increasing the property's revenue and profitability.

Clients need to see the potential and value of the purchase. As a result, a visually attractive and comprehensive presentation can dramatically increase interest in selling real estate objects.

However, when it comes to selling secondary real estate, it frequently does not look good enough to attract buyers.

We at Agami Visual have a perfect solution for you!

Our visual artists can create a set of images of your property, illustrating how the object might look after renovation, depending on your preference, either in hand-drawn artistic sketch technique or a photorealistic 3D rendering. If you don’t have any design or planning ideas, we can also help you with this and provide you with a simple but eye-catching design solution in the shortest time.

Additionally, we can offer the print layout for the portfolio, in the format that allows to be printed right away and distributed to the clients.

Example of a plan redone in artistic sketches technique

Example of a plan redone in 3d

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